A real fun project


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Here is the kit I just built..total cost around $500.. 24" Yamaha birch bass sounds awesome! vintage slingerland maple shells for 14" tom and snare.. keller shell for 10" tom.. need to add a 12" and an 18" next.. not in pic is a yamaha 14 x 7 brass snare I use more then the one in pic..notice I drilled the leg on the back by mistake.. measure twice drill once!!

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Had to go up on your personal page, love the kick head on the cartoon kit. That is the set you are talking about?


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Yeah, thanks!! its so weird because the 3 pics I downloaded show up on the thread with my 1st post when I'm on this thread but noone else can see it?? anyone know why?? too many pixels or something??? the heads on the bass are bevis and butthead, speed racer, lem (from Iron Maiden) and of course scooby-do and shaggy...along with a king bulldog ala ed hardy


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Awesome kit, I really like what you did! I can't see the pictures here btw, I had to go to your page.


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Can't see them on this thread either...............that is crazy looking in a good way........did you do all the artwork yourself?


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I can see all three... or only three... not sure which.

Those drum look really fun to play!!


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Pics don't show up for me in the thread - but I see 5 pics on your profile page. Cartoons galore.