A re-statement of the obvious


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DWF is a great drum hang. A great blend of knowledge, wisdom, humor, and inspiration. Kudos to the moderators, and members, for keeping it so.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I came here to learn about and talk about drums and drumming.

I'm on a few other forums. No real issues there either. People are just there to learn from eachother and discuss. Demographic os mostly middle aged people passionate about their hobby(or work/lifestyle for some) and have little interest in drama. They just don't take themselves too seriously.


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From a foreigner point of view, what I notice through this forum are respectful and friendly exchanges, even when there are disagreements.

One thing very different from most French forum : well written sentences, very few mispelling or misprint, full answers with full and correct sentences.
When you read some French forums you sometimes have hard time to understand the meaning because of badly spelled words, incomplete sentences, faulty grammar (a hell of a lot !), use of vulgar terms, lack of punctuation and so forth.
It can be painful to read, really. On the contrary, all the conversations down here seem fluid and nice.
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I came here after getting kicked off another forum. The sole moderator runs too tight of a ship over there, and I like it here much better. The mods here are just loose enough to keep the ideas flowing, but it's not the wild wild west that other forums are.


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I imagine most people on this forum have worked out their aggressions hitting things with sticks.


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I just think trolls have a hard time dealing with an atmosphere of intelligence and maturity, and I've certainly seen a lot of that here over the years. It's one thing to throw baseless assertions into a room that doesn't know any better...but woe be unto you if you try that around HERE. I think there are enough working pros and semi-pros and even a few legit celebs who can set someone straight in a hurry, and I think that has rubbed off on enough forumers that it has elevated the whole culture around here.

At least until the next guy makes a fart joke.