A Question for Moongel Users!


I love moongel. It's my favorite way to control overtones on my drums and sometimes even my cymbals. I know they're only like 6 bucks for a new pack but do any of you have any tips on restoring used ones to a newer state?
I have 2 kits and I used only 1 pack of moongels, switching between the two. Over time, they've gotten dusty/dirty. They're not nearly as sticky as they were when they were new. I'm concerned that soon, they won't grip well enough to stay still on my drums when I hit them.
I wanna try using hot water or something but I'd like to get some feedback from people who may have had experience with this before risking my moongels.
thanks everyone!

btw... I cut some of mine in half to get even more accurate control! You should try it!


Try washing them with soap and warm water and then let them dry.


Netz Ausg

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As a rule I never leave the gel on the drums. If I finish practice/performance then they come straight off and back into the tub. They take at least five times as long to get dusty that way.

I second the hand soap and water advice above, also.


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yep, soap and water cleans them right up, I find putting them on and off allows them to pick up dust and dirt, if you put them on a new head and leave them till it starts to die they may pick up some dust on the top but the bottom does not and stays attached much better.

Netz Ausg

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One thing to note - don't leave them near heating sources, in direct sunlight or in very hot water. They can melt - I found out the hard way!