A question for heavy metal double bass players


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Hi everyone

Is it safe to just wear boxers and no underwear and play fast double bass or any fast footwork ?
Usually while working out people wear underwear and as double bass is also quite physically demanding
just wanted know what do you guys wear while practising ?
Hope this question is not too personal

Cheers !


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I wear long, baggy pants. If I wear shorts, my knees touch my snare and they rub after a while. Most of my pants have holes in the side of the knees from my snare.

As a side, if only wearing boxers you might wanna put a towel over your seat so it doesn't end up smelling like swamp ass.


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I’ve had that doubt my entire life and I’ve never actually looked for the answer hahah
So what is the answer ??

Push pull stroke

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I did a gig at a nudist colony last month. I specifically chose NOT to play nude, because I was afraid that my reaction to the naked ladies would be...visually obvious.