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Hello everybody. I'm hoping you might be able to help me track down the name of a drummer/percussionist who passed away between 2012 and 2015.

I saw a solo drum CD at a music store several years ago, I didn't buy it at the time. Several days after I saw it I heard on the radio the guy has passed away, next time I went to the music store the CD was gone. This has to have been between 2012 and 2015. What I remember about the disc is that it was a solo drum recording. I believe it was self released and intended for sampling use. I believe he was a black guy. He must have been fairly well known for his passing to have been reported on CBS radio. I remember the cover of the CD had a colorful graphic of crossed drum sticks...


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The only name that pops to mind is John Blackwell, but don't know if he's the one you're looking for
It wasn't John Blackwell. This guy passed away earlier. Couldn't have been any later than very early 2016. Had to have been between 2012 and early 2016 when I saw the disc and heard of his passing on the radio. I googled the CD after I saw it at the music shop, it was online (possibly amazon) and pricey as hell but I cannot remember the artist or title...

I'll pay whoever figures this out $100.00. You have my word on that. I'll either send it or deposit it to your PayPal account...
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Notable drummers of color who passed around then:
Ed Thigpen
Clyde Stubblefield
Dennis Davis
Alphonse Mouzon
Tony Allen
Ricky Lawson
I've searched all these names and looked for their CDs- some are colorful, but none have sticks crossed.

I also searched CBS news through those years and couldn't find anyone/anything matching the description.
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This is now going to drive me nuts until someone finds it haha. I can only imagine OP's frustration at trying to find it!
do you have a Reddit account? you could pose this question on the drum category (or some random ones). people post some obscure stuff on there and it tends to get solved.