A New Journey


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I'm not sure if his Facebook page is still being monitored but I left a message on behalf of the forum.
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Oh god...so sorry to hear this...don't even know what to write.

Goodbye, drum buddy. Maybe we'll jam together someday.


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Rest In Peace Mitch

I never met the man, but enjoyed his company here within the forums and I believe we crossed paths as members of various facebook drum groups.

Godspeed my friend


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Oh no.

Mitch and I came to DW at about the same time, and at about the same point in our journey as drummers. We hit it off immediately, for both of the above reasons and more.

He is one of the nicest people I've never met. He always cared about me: if I'd been away from DW for a while, he'd message me to check that I was ok.

I was genuinely hoping he'd be able to make it over here next year. I know we'd have got on really well in real life.