A New Journey


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I know by the forum rules that this probably has no place here on DW, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

On July 18 I was informed that I have metastasized melanoma cancer in my liver, spleen, and vertebrae. Needless to say, I don't feel much like playing much right now. I just wanted to share what will be the beginning of a new journey for me.

After a Pet Scan next week, I will begin a series or treatments involving immunotherapy. From what little I know about it yet, the results appear to be good.

If allowed, I will keep those interested with occasional updates.

Take care,


Edit: Sorry for the downer info.


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Mitch, I'm very sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but at least now you can start going after the fix. Above all keep positive and do the things you love (drumming) as much as you can manage.

My thoughts go out to you and those close to you!


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Sorry to hear the diagnosis. Stay strong and kick it's ass! Remember drumming can be therapy for the mind and soul. Hope you find the desire to play soon to help take your mind off things.


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Wow that's pretty heavy. I hope the treatments do it for you. It sounds like you've got a good attitude and that will go a long way.


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Very sorry to hear and no need to apologize. You’re among friends here. Praying for your rapid and complete recovery. Please keep us posted.


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Wow Mitch glad you shared this with us. Something this heavy is too much to carry around by yourself. I know this news is life shattering. Hope you got close family to help-we all can give moral support. I’ve lost three friends to metastatic melanoma- one recently. I hope you respond well to the immunotherapy. I have another friend, with a different cancer- just got a great outcome with all tumors regressed but one lymph node. Keep us informed- you are fighting a battle of your life. Thoughts with you Mitch. I’m scared for you man- i can’t imagine what a gut punch. Thoughts and prayers


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Mitch, I'm hugely saddened to hear of your struggle, it's a big one for sure, but as others have highlighted, your positive attitude will really help. I've never experienced a cancer personally, but I have had a few significant health challenges, & I'm utterly convinced that positivity not only helps you cope with the enormity of it all, but actually has a measurable positive affect on your physical wellbeing / progress.

You have a modern treatment path available to you too, & that's another map that will guide you.

You are in my thoughts today & every day until you kick this in the nuts - & kick it you will!



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Crikey Mitch, that's not great news and I'm very sorry to hear it. All my very best wishes to you, my friend.


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Wishing you the very best, Mitch. You have many brothers and sisters here who are pulling for you.


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Mitch, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your world. As others have said, I'm sorry you have to go through with us. I'm sure you have a wonderful treatment team and support system around you, including me and all the people here who are wishing you the best.


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Awww man, Mitch, I was very saddened to read this.

You've always struck me as one of the good ones.

Wishing the very best of whatever it takes.


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Really sorry to hear this, Mitch.

Wishing you a positive recovery and I hope your treatments go well and as planned.

My very best to you. Keep positive.