A Monster Groove-The late great Richie Hayward

Just in case anyone is unaware of, or has forgotten about what a killer live band Little Feat was when Lowell George and Richie Hayward were with us. Here's L.F. w/ the Tower of Power Horns- Spanish Moon. Watch till the end when ,one by one, the band leaves the stage to reveal the monster groove that Richie is layin' down!



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Yeah, they have some absolutely fantastic stuff. Being the age I am, "Hate to Loose That Lovin" was the first thing that caught my attention of RH and Little Feat (a great groove). I remember hearing it and thinking ... whoa, what's that?

After that, I found "Fat man...", "Dixie Chicken", "Willin" ... (and Lowell George!) ... and all the stuff that the rest of the world knew. I think it was mostly from Waiting on Columbus, IIRC.

In more recent days, I've had a few late night yootoob sessions looking at all the old footage. Kinda easy to get hooked on their sound.

A good example of the band fitting the drummer ... or the drummer fitting the band ... or the drummer making the band ... or ...? All the syncopation ... woo hoo! Good stuff.



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I love the Feat....for years now.The Lowell George days were prehaps the best ,but the Feat still bring it.Richies groove could swing a dead man back to life,cure the common cold and get a cat pregnant from 10 meters away.

I miss his playing,and it's a shame after all those years of making great music, that they had to do fund raisers to pay for his medical bill.Liver cancer got him in the end anyway.A true shame.

Miss ya Richie.

Steve B