A mixture of Bonzo, Cozy Powell & Tony Williams :)


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Some of the highly informed Youtube comments :(

"She is hacking her drumset like an angry three-year-old child would do. Disgusting"

"Again, what is so great about her?"

Well, I hope these contributors continue to enjoy their wedding gig careers!

Henri, she's a powerhouse isn't she :) ok, sometimes loose, but always delivering the vibe. Of course, we all know Cindy can rip it up in a number of genres. Great player, & a pleasure to listen to.


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I love the "sometimes losing the tempo" comment.Probably made by a guy who needs a click track to take a dump.It's called,FEEL knucklehead.Time dosen't always need to be metronomic.Sometimes it wavers a few BPM here and there.Just LISTEN to some of the greats.No click tracks there....just musicians doing what they should be doing......making MUSIC,thats NOT computer perfect.

BTW,she's a groove monster,and an excellent MUSICIAN,brava Cindy

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I love the way she plays. Power, groove, chops... she's definitely a chip off the Tony block. She's equally comfortable backing up Lenny Kravitz, leading a fusion combo or swinging acoustic jazz.

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While I do think that this performance is very enjoyable, I also think that she is pushing the time boundaries just a tad too much at times, and some of the fills have a bit too much "feel" if you know what I mean.