A little bit of self-introduction.

Drummar Drummer

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Well, hello and greetings guys. I'm new to this thread, I've been in this forun for quite awhile actually, been reading thru a lot...but I finally decided to enrol myself into it, because...I just love everything about drum so much.
So, there's nothing much about me. I'll always assume myself as a beginner drummer. I don't have my own kits yet, but I already planned everything...basically my whole dream setup...it is attainable but, it'll take some time since I'm still a college student. Money is the primary issue :). I live in this beautiful Asia country, Malaysia. I would love to ask and have conversations about drums since I'm so passionate about it.
I listened to various types of music, just to learn from them (and deep interest in them), because I'm a self taught. Previously I listened to a lot of metal, but recently...I'm more interested in jazz (modern ones Donny McCaslin, etc.), prog-funk (?) like Casimir Liberski (basically any musician that Matt Garstka played for) and so many more.
I think, that's all for now...thanks and looking forward to talk about drums more!