A "lick" of gratitude


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Holy Moly ..... totally sick !!! I'll spend half the rest of my life trying to play that, but what the heck. All I got, is time. You be "the man" ..... very cool.​
And, like so many others have said .... thanx for being part of Drummerworld.​
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By god, I feel stupid. :)
Better to "feel stupid" than to "look stupid" ..... a spin off of .....​
As Billy Crystal said ...... "It’s better to look good than to feel good.” .... and “You Look Mahvelous!”​
Hey, as long as people think I'm one of the "beautiful people", why should I tell them the truth.​


Sweet lick, thanks for posting! Looking forward to braining this one out. Looks like the grass won't be getting cut today.


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@ Polly - you can totally do it, break it into sections and give it a try :)

hahahaha G-alphabet...read it as "give the drummer some"
Ohhhhhhh, now I geddit.

You've probably heard my postings - these crazy gospel fills are a million miles from what I do. I leave the hot stuff for the hotshots. Like Harry, it's take most of the rest of my life to get it ...

Anthony Amodeo

yr all too kind

looking forward to future discussions and learning from every one of you