A kind Word About Vater

Bruce M. Thomson

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Just wanted to mention the great customer service I received recently from Vater.
I had written them about my disappointment in a certain product (no need to go into product details) which I had purchased (Twice), I just loved the sound and feel and was willing to give them another try but ran in to the same problem, I wrote Vater not to complain but to let them know they had a great product but that I thought there was a serious problem and a simple way to prevent it. I really was not expecting anymore than a courtesy reply, instead the Rep informed the Canadian distributor and 2 brand new pair were shipped to me and arrived today. Since 2 replacement pairs cost around $80 total I was very pleased, it's not all about the money; the square root of zero is still zero. The Canadian distributor also sells the Evans product and as it happens I just bought EC2 batter and EC resonates for all of my toms so there is a certain karma there.


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Good to hear about customer service. You also mentioned Evans. About 2 years ago I went through 2 Evans bass drums heads that each lasted about 10 minutes. I wrote them just to ask if there was something about heads you can look for when buying to see if they are defective. They wrote back telling me there is nothing to look for beyond the obvious that shouldn't get by QC, but they asked for my address and sent me 2 new heads.with a label to send the broken heads back if I still had them which I did. Being heads I never expected they would assume any liability.

This also says a lot for the internet and email. At one time I never would have gone through the hassle of contacting a company about a problem but now it's something that's easy to do. Unfortunately many companies don't have an available customer service. With one company I went though 4 pedals to get 2. I couldn't contact the company directly. I could contact their distributor in the US, but they didn't know anything about drumsor hardware.They knew alot about shipping though. I was stuck dealing with GC and that was a nightmare.

Bruce M. Thomson

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Yes, email has made a difference and it is good to know that kind of service still exists.
I wouldn't be surprised if the availability of sites such as this make a difference as well, previously if one got good service you told 2 people and bad service, everyone you met but now that has changed. I am glad everything worked out the way it did.