A good snare drum etude for me?

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I need to start learning a snare drum etude to apply to humber college in the next month or two. I like to think I have pretty good technique, moeller, one handed roll stuff, work on marching and snare drum work when dealing with new orleans and latin grooves, so I havent worked on this type of practice in years. I love marching drumming, but only stuff like you'd find from new orleans, with a bit of a "lilt" to it. I'm guessing every snare etude is straight and.....boring? ANyway, if someone could recommend a difficult piece, please do! Thanks


"The Charley Wilcoxon Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for Advanced Drummers"

There are loads of solos in there, I would say they are more marching than swing, as the title suggests.


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Wilcoxin, Delecluse, Cirone, are all standard solo snare drum etudes.
My favorite is Cirone's Portraits in Rhythm. Etudes are supposed to help you develop specific techniques and they all do that... but I like the Cirone book the best, just personal preference. It suggests that you look at a snare drum etude as something bigger, a piece of music in itself. If I remember correctly, there's a brief introduction and performance suggestions written before each etude.
I think the Wilcoxin is a bit more rudimental in nature.
I have the least experience with the Delecluse but can remember struggling with it and being reminded that it requires a different approach than the American stuff I was practicing at the time.
All three are good and all three will challenge you in different ways.


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I'd say Delecluse if you can handle it or the Cirone. My 15 year old is working in the Douze etudes book and it's quite tricky.

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i got the advanced delecluse piece. But I have one question about number 11. It says for the tempo...half note = 80

Since its usually a crotchet equals 80, does this affect the temp at all, or is it still played at 80bpm??