A good snare batter head?


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I play metal and punk. I have a Remo Coated Ambassador on my main snare that is almost 8 years old...I use Vic Firth 3A sticks, and play about 4 times a week for about 2 hours at a time...I have never broken a head. I usually only change them if they pull out of the hoop...

Methinks it is a technique, placement issue as well. Many of my students have the same problem at first, and I always have to adjust what they are doing after the stroke, and the drum is usually tilted too much towards them, or too low between their legs

the tilt fix is usually the quickest one, but also how they are moving in the air helps a lot too


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I shouldn't post here. :) I probably shouldn't offer advice on snare heads, because I will often use heads that aren't even intended for snare use. [Hint - see avatar. :) ]

I'm an Aquarian guy.

For durability, if you can put your stick through one of the Evans double ply oil heads, well, I don't have anything to add after that. :)


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I might not be the most extreme heavy-hitter (for playing death/thrash metal at least), but right now my go-to heads are Evans ST Dry. Found them to be both really durable, but also has a lot of attack and just sound perfect for anything metal, in my opinion. Might have influenced the choice that I got a snarehead from the last show I saw Gene Hoglan play with Testament, he swears by them as well... But I generally prefer 1-ply heads for not to lose too much sensitivity, doing rolls or ghost notes etc, so if you still find 2-ply heads (Emperor X maybe? G2? Or a tougher 1-ply head like G14) not to hold up long enough, I don't think you have much choice than continue to buy new ones regularly, or look at how you play/chance your technique (no offense though). I used a Hi-Energy head as well, was generally satisfied with it, just wanted an all Evans setup on all my drums so I changed, but not because it broke or anything, don't think I ever broke a drumhead, except for a bassdrum head once (without a patch).


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I just switched from Evans G2 as batter to a Remo Emperor with Ambassador reso as side. Used it for recording an EP today and after a bit of tuning with my 14x5.5" PDP maple snare it sounded really nice!