A fun jam session....


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We sorta violated the sacred Orchestra rehearsal hall at a local high school. But I can explain....

I answered another add on Craigslist for a "jazz / rockabilly / ska" drummer for a 9 piece band someone was putting together. It turns out the leader was one of the band directors at a local high school located in a ritzy neighborhood in the town where I work. Rehearsals are in the band room.

I arrived early to set up my kit and to meet the leader. We hit it off well. I then met the bass guitar player who was a groovy cat. Think Johnny Depp with a bald head and you get his description. Since the band room was taken up with a community orchestra that was rehearsing at the same time, we had to rehearse in the Orchestra hall. Okay, no problem. Since it was about 7ish, several teenyboppers came in to pick up their violins and such after a school function. At this time, I was making final adjustments to my kit. Since it was hot outside, I was sweating like a pig. The Johnny Depp look alike was playing a stand up string bass from the school. And another guy, the guitar player was setting up his rig. This cat was bald too and was wearing a short sleeved shirt and had tatoos all up and down his arms and legs. So the 3 of us made for a slightly rough looking mob. These teenyboppers didn't quite know how to take us or what to do. So they stared like we had NO place in THEIR hall. It was funny. LOL

Ok, so now everhone is here: a trumpet player who looks like an NFL linebacker, an alto sax player who looks like Antonio Bandera's brother who just stepped out of a GQ mag, a trombone player who looks like he just stepped out of a 1950's "Father Knows Best" episode, a keys player who appears to be a good-natured virtuoso that somehow keeps blowing the music off the piano and landing around my kit, the leader who is the bari sax player, and the male singer who looks like a young John Cryer from "Two and a Half Men".

So we start out with a souped up version of "Rock Around the Clock" and start cooking.

It's the first time 1/2 of us had met or played together so we made mistakes but it was fun. And I found out I really suck at site reading since it's been quite a while since I did that.

Anyway, I was 1 out of 3 drummers he was auditioning. I probably didn't make the cut, but it was a joy playing music with these cast of characters. Ha!