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Hey, Mr. Whitedrummer!

Are you feeling left out of the clique? Well, for what it's worth, there are far more non-clique members than clique members.

It's obvious that you've worked on your routine. All in all, you played it well. Your playing was tight and mostly focused. You introduced and executed most of the phrase changes smoothly; as though you knew exactly what came next. That indicates rehearsal of sorts. I, personally, prefer that structure over random. It's easier to follow.

Your style is very similar to my own. I liked your use of dynamics. I appreciated the interplay between the hi-hat "air" and ghost-note snare. There were moments of drive and clarity there.

I'm guessing you've practiced rudiments. I noticed that your rolls were pretty clean and you executed the accents well. The snare exercises showed attention to detail. (Although it was a bit long and tedious to listen to at times.)

You switched over to matched grip for some of the tom runs. Do you find those runs easier to play that way, or was it just to show that you can use both grips? (I change grips mostly for show. I find I can play most phrases equally well with either grip.)

The biggest distraction I found was during the token "Bohnam Triplet" sequence. It just did not fit the rest of the exercise and it sounded a bit sloppy.

You also need to work on your stick trick. HaHa!



Thanks, I appreciate everything you said, I actually don't plan anything out, it's all improvised. I find if I think too much about what I'm going to play I usally can't execute it as well.

I usally play matched grip, but I've been trying to practice with traditional lately, so there are still some fills I find easier with matched. I'm not trying to impress anyone, I just use whatever grip feels more comfortable for a particular fill.

I'm actually self taught, the few rudiments I do know I've gotten from instructional videos.

Those Bonham fills were actually suppose to be a bit sloppy, I like a little sloppiness in some drummers. I think Bonham was a bit sloppy at times.

Yes, I'm working on those stick tricks, I can really pull them off well when it's only audio, HaHa!
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