A & F drums!!!


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I like their look, but I'll just leave this here...

Yeah, that’s disappointing. Nolly wasnt pleased about the workmanship, warped rim and inability to tune that $3k drum. I point that out because he can be pretty forgiving or a half glass full guy, but this one seemed to really bug him


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Yeah, that’s disappointing. Nolly wasnt pleased about the workmanship, warped rim and inability to tune that $3k drum. I point that out because he can be pretty forgiving or a half glass full guy, but this one seemed to really bug him
Adam & Nick will always look for the positives, whilst not shying away from the negatives, and negatives are always delivered with balance and respect. They're not trying to sell anything, and have no related commercial interests, either directly or implied.

It's extremely rare for me to criticise the build of hand made drums, but in this instance, the weld quality / finishing and the hoop form are unforgivable in that price range. Ok, maybe the hoop bent in shipping, but that doesn't excuse presenting it for review in that condition. If the package had arrived at Middle Farm studios with damage, Adam would have pointed that out as a possible cause of the issue.

I see some stupid comments online about the cost of producing such drums. They're not cheap to make, but for me, there needs to be advantage in a particular production method, and I'm not seeing that here. For that cost, I would at least expect a quality investment cast shell, or even from hollow billet, rather than a crude rolled sheet shell with poor weld execution / finishing.

I do like the hoop claws though :)

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I'll agree that the weld is ugly but it is on the inside of the drum, From the looks of it it probably won't bust open. LOL. The drum was shipped from Texas to England and single flanged brass hoops are a bit flimsy. That said the low and mid tuning sounds awesome. The drums I'm looking at are in the $1500.00 price range., The bronze ones. I had ordered a VK bronze snare on ebay and a day later I was informed that it had sold in the shop that listed it. I was disappointed. I like those a lot too, I am still looking for one. The bronze offerings from the usual suspects don't have the same character as the heavy shells. The Gretsch drum is nice but just another off shore shell. I have 20 high end snares so I really don't want a run of the mill drum.

The A&Fs sound awesome and have a sound quality that most others don't. The main objection I've read online is the price. I don't have a problem with that. Some don't like the look. I do. I'm not 100% committed to getting one but I'm open to it because of the sound, That is up to the ears of the potential buyer.

A lot of big name players are playing them and loving them. I do feel that Drummer's review is a credible source for information. The hobby drummers that don't have any money, not so much. LOL


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Just this past Sunday, I meandered into the Music-Go-Round a mile from my house on a whim and much to my surprise they had a “used” 14” x 4” copper A&F snare. 10 lugs. Single flanged hoops. Leather gaskets underneath the lugs. Original A&F (Remo) heads top and bottom and the A&F snare wires. Other than it looking like it has been sitting at the bottom of a lake for a year, it was basically brand new. (Coating was only slightly scuffed in one tiny spot.)

I was aware of the brand before this fateful day and have had several opportunities to sample their wares, (entire kits and a good cross section of snares) but since those specimens were all brand new, my frugalness continually won the day in each instance. I remember each drum being very different sounding to drums already in my collection, but none really ever said “buy me buy me”.

So there I am in MGR, sort of dumbfounded. Here I am, being presented with the opportunity to purchase a basically brand-new A&F snare for roughly half off what they go for new.

I pick it up, I inspect it and most importantly, I request a demo stick. I hit it. This one sounds great. It was tuned screaming high, and it wasn’t choking out at all. Even at this higher tuning, it still had a mid & low-end presence and an overall “fatness” (I hate that word in reference to drum sounds but I can’t think of another word to use) that I found that very satisfying.

So ya, I bought it. Gonna give it a go tonight at my gig and let’s see what happens. Still not entire on board with the look. It’s not an aesthetic that I’m fond of. I bought it 100% based on sound. And after tonight, I’ll have a better idea of how it performs in a gig setting.


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I have never heard of A&F before this week. I have no desire to get one, but I like this demo.



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I checked them out at GearFest 2019 and they look cool but their sound is not for everyone. Wide open sound, long resonance decay, many, many overtones (more than wood shells).

I like how they’re pushing the envelope with their range of sizes.

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So I had ordered an A&F Ankh snare from Musicians Friend. The shell is made from Sabian B20 alloy. Only 19 to be made, MF said it was in stock. I waited a few days and didn't get a shipping conformation. Then I started calling, and no one had a clue what was going on. Obviously the snare wasn't in stock. This snare costs three grand, That's a lot of money! I thought about it long and hard before spending that kinda money on a single drum.

I decided to cancel the order but gave them one last call. Still not a clue, Then the customer service rep said he'd offer me free expedited shipped. How do you expedite something you don't have. LOL Really pissed me off!!!

So this morning I ordered a different A&F snare from Sweetwater. A heavy shelled brass drum called a A&Fer. I will wait until after NAMM and see what bronze drums A&F will be offering.

To top if it off MF has $3100.00 dollars of mine reserved for the pending purchase. That will be made available to me in a few days but for now that $$ is in limbo. I am so done with these f**kers!!!

I've been spinning around on this planet long enough to now that things don't always go as planned and have learned to roll with the ups and downs but this will be one of those exceptions.


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I'm sure people who own them love them, but this is too hipster for my taste. I can make my money go a lot further too.

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I don't even know what hipster is, I'm old, but I did hear that wanker use the term on drummers review. I sure he spends a lot of time in Austin. LOL


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You can't use plastic straps on the snare wires on those drums.

Most drums sound good, and these are no exception. I do think they are WAY overpriced for the finished product.

Anyone notice the padauk Gurus in the background on Nolly's vid?

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You can't use plastic straps on the snare wires on those drums.

Yeah, The crude throw off was a concern and then I watched a tutorial on it and it made sense. I've been looking into them for months now. I just wanted something different and they have a sound quality I'm not hearing in other drums. I'll know in a week or so if I made a good purchase.

Ramy Antoun, the owned of A&F play with Seal, The black Eyed Peas, Pat Benatar, and others, along with an untold number of sessions, He has an interesting story. I like how he founded the company and how he is pushing the envelope.

I turned 70 last summer. I plan to enjoy what time I have left.

I have plenty of heavy duty cord to attach the wires, LOL

I'm a DW player too. Not too popular around here either. LOL I just go my own way, and so far it's worked out. Gonna keep on rockin!!

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I dropped A&F a line about the MF mix up and Ramy got back to me very quickly. He said he would look into it and was very genuine and kind. They're going to send me a hat and shirt even though it was no fault of theirs.

I predict this company will be a major player in US drum manufacturing in the very near future. They already a strong foot hold for a three year old company.