A Drummer's Perspective


I've said before I'm a long time guitar player. Well there is a guitar forum that I frequent and a rather spirited discussion was had over this short video.

I'm curious to hear a real Drummer's (that leaves me out) perspective on the topic of the video.

So, your thoughts?



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While I usually become irritated by Rick Beato, I must agree with him 100%. As a metal drummer I like the grid, I love the click, but I also listen to tons of other types of music. This ain't funky to my ears. I'm not sure if it's even supposed to be. It's catchy, but that's about it.

Maybe if Dr. Dre looped it, Flea played a groovin bass line over it, and Ice Cube rapped over it, it could be made funky. But in its current context? Just...NO!


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Well, the Jonas Bros thing sounds horrible, and the NYT writer is an idiot, and/or he's just writing Jonas Bros PR.

Do you have a link for the guitar forum discussion?
I was glad Rick pointed out that what the drummer originally played probably sounded really good (if not "stupefyingly funky," or whatever the exact phrase was) before it was quantized.


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The part in question is good, and it fits. Stupefying? Not IMO. But so much of what works, what sounds good, and even and what sells, doesn't have to meet a musician-of-a-certain-level's approval. I don't need to be amazed, just engaged.

Such videos and critiques are amusing at best, I take 'em with a grain of salt (if I watch at all.)



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ugh...I saw Jonas Brothers and didn't even have to listen...but i did for a minute

and most likely the target audience for this does not know what groove is either..they know what they like to see, and what sounds like everything else they have heard