A Custom EFX Vs HHX O zone


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for any one who has owned them, can they compare between these 2 types of cymbal. as the different style of holes has to come into play. now ive heard some AAX o zone and i liked the sound but these ive never heard so any experience shared would be appreciated, also i should add, i would like to stay all zildjian cymbals but if the A custom EFX is rubbish illl go for HHX o zone no problem.


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I have the 18" EFX crash and its an excellent cymbal, very similar to the ozone. Trashy, light and responsive. It has a particularly great sound in the studio, but can be used to good effect live.


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Well I'll start off by saying I'm a Sabian guy, just to throw out the disclaimer.

I think the Avedis EFX is a great cymbal for what it does. The AAX O-Zone would definitely be the most comparable to the EFX. The HHX version is great, but it's much darker than the AAX and I'd imagine the EFX as well.

I'm not sure what your current cymbal set up is, but if you're looking for all Z's then go for the EFX


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Hi - I've tried both but own the HHX o-zone 16". It's a fantastic cymbal. Half way between a china and a thundersheet. It has a very smooth attack and is NOT abrasive (like the attack of a china). It is a relatively quiet cymbal in comparison to the 16" K Custom fast crash and 19" K Custom Hybrid crash I play it with (not particularly loud cymbals) - if you are after volume and raw edge, this isn't the cymbal you want.