A cover of mine (CoB this time)


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Hello there everybody!
It was a long time, since I've posted on this forum. But anyways...

I've been playing drums for like... 2 years ? Something around that. And for telling the truth, I never wanted to show myself playing to anybody, If it wasn't my father or some friends :D. But a few days ago, while I was playing, I came with an idea to record my playing and see, what people think about it. That's why I tried to record this video.
Hope you like it, but I always like critics ;) So there you go!


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Ps: Sorry for my english, still learning ;)
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well, for someone who drums 2 years you did a great job I think. Great song by the way. Never listened to CoB.
You could try to link your TD3 to a pc and use Addictive Drums to make your drums sound more realistic.


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Btw how to do that ? I mean, I already recorded the song linking my TD3 to the pc, but should I use some kind of program ? I always was wondering how to manually change my instrument's sounds, but I never knew how.
Of course I have many types of sound in my v-drum, but still not realistic enough.