A couple updates


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Hey all, just put some new heads on my Tama Imps over the weekend. G2 coated over G1 clear. Something about the EC2 coated that I didn't like, can't quite put my finger on it. I also added an LP Rock Classic Ridge Rider. I love the placement of this thing. I can add it into fills as well as ride it. Enjoy.

That 16' HH over the ride is feelin' lonely. Can't wait to get the rest of his family put together. :(



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Yeah well i'd imagine you didn't like the EC2s because like many people you prefer not to have artificially damped drums. I like the setup here, you just need a couple more cymbals like the HH and it'll be great :).

Also i just noticed you have what appears to be a babies cot (crib) in the same room as your drums. Interesting...


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Yeah it's the backroom. My daughter has outgrown the bassinet and the walker so that's where they sit for until I put themout in the garage. It will be a few years til I will be able to upgrade the rest of the cymbals.