A "chicken or the egg" discussion


My first pedal was a used iron cobra 200 that I paid like $50 for at Guitar Center. It was ok for learning the basics but hard to play fast consecutive 16ths, or something like the double time punk beat with the two kick drum hits. Maybe someone can play that with that pedal, I cannot. So I upgraded to an Iron Cobra 600 which was better, and then my technique improved, but I still just found the pedal to not be as responsive as I wanted when trying to play fast consecutive hits with it. So then I bought a Trick Drums Pro 1-V Shortboard. It's direct drive and I think actually made for playing metal, which I don't play metal but regardless of that, I love it because it's so responsive. I don't feel like I'm limited in my ability to play quickly and accurately with it.

So basically to answer your question, no, that hasn't been my experience. Maybe I tried to make all my pedals "feel" the same in terms of spring tension or how far back the beater is/ how far you have to press down on the pedal to make it hit the drum. But the reason I've upgraded is because I wanted more responsiveness from my pedal, and more control.


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My first pedal that could be called a 'pedal' was a mid 70's 'Mateo' rattle trap.

I am much happier with my Axis X double long.