A Cheap "Click" Patch Alternative :)


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I just got a Powerstroke Pro batter for my bass drum, I didn't get one of the patches at the store because I have some old coated heads I can cut patches from. At that, it sounded awesome but I wanted a little more attack; a little more click, so I added a use Amazon giftcard between the 2 layers of Ambassador patch. I love it. They wanted 6$ each for the specially made patches and I found this in the bottom of a trash bin by the computer.

Does anyone have similar stories/patch ideas? :)

Terrence R

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The most common trick is using a coin. The plastic card idea sounds pretty neat.
back when i first started playing and didn't know what i was doing, I wrapped my felt beater with a thin strip of duct tape which gave the kick a little more attack. not much more, and definitely not as much as a plastic beater, but a nice in between tone.


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My favorite secret is taking a square of Mylar, taping it to the kick batter where the beater strikes so that there's a little 'pucker' or space, maybe ¼-½ inch. The result of the two heads slapping when the beater hits is a really nice presence, but not as aggressive or knocky as a coin or wooden patch. Even a mic on the inside hears it, and it helps cut through the mix while sounding fairly natural. It's great!