A Brian Blade Transcription


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Hey guys, here's a transcription of a short solo by the amazing Brian Blade. The solo comes from the tune "Impossible Question" in the album "Oceanos" by David Binney and Edward Simmons. It's just 16 bars long but it's in 9/4 so it has some meat to it. This was really challenging, any feedback would be much appreciated. I'm sorry if some of the notation is a little weird. The program I'm using (guitarpro) simply sucks for transcribing but I did the best I could.

Here's the transcription --> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/68704262/Impossible%20Question%20drum%20solo.pdf

And here's the tune (solo starts at 6:34) --> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/68704262/02%20-%20Impossible%20Question.mp3

Even if you don't care about the solo or the transcription, check the song, it's really beautiful.

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This is a beautiful song, Brian's absolutely nailed it, I always like the rawness of his playing, it's so a spirited a performance, the solo over the piano's wamp is amazing, grooving and so full of feel and texture, thanks for posting and transcribing man, really appreciated :)


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Thanks guys! I should have a new program by August. I actually am really starting to enjoy transcribing. For me it's a great way to learn new ideas.