a boxing day poser


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Hello Drummerworld!
As this is my first attempt at a new thread I thought I'd begin with a little trivia.

This is my drumkit that I have completely refurbished. I removed the wraps, redid the bearing edges, lacquered the interior, etc.

Can anyone tell what these drums were before I made them my own?






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Not that you need a third but it's definitely Gretsch, 5 alternating lugs.

Good job, black and tan looks pretty slick.


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Well I knew it would be tough to pass one over on this crew.

Yep, Gretsche Catalina Club Mod. Liked the sizes when I was looking around with only a few bucks.

It's funny, I played them stock for about 3 years and change and then did the refurb. What an amazing difference lacquering the interiors and removing the wrap. I lacquered the insides first and left the wraps for about a month or so, and the difference was amazing. And then took the wraps off, (I felt that they looked like a kids kit), and the difference was very noteworthy again.

Now I wouldn't say the tone is warm, but the neighbors have started complaining...just wait until I get the Brady 14 by 8 snare I ordered a month ago. Gonna have to spend some quality time in the shed putting up some old carpet.