A bit of my playing


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Hello all!! Benn hanging around as a noob in the forum now for about a week, and thought I would post up a link to a few of one of my bands albums.

We are called Go Robot, Go and have been around forever, We do lo-fi/indie/garage/surf-punky kind of music...I always tell people it is a mix of Dick Dale, The Tubes, Fugazi, Superchunk, The Cars, The Damned...with a metal drummer(?)

don't know if I did that right, but this was our last project. All of the main tracks were done in our practice space, and then the overdubs and mixing/mastering were done at a friends studio

my most favorite tracks are Surfin Queen; Good Vibes and Fashion Swimwear and My Brain's In Space

would be cool to see what people think...good or bad...if you like, give us a follow!!!


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Ooooooh - I like that a lot! It's so cool to run across bands/writers who have a good handle on melody and chord structure - and a hook! Your kind of music just naturally appeals to me as a pop/rock fan. Right on!



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thanks all!! good to hear the comments...we are working on more new stuff right now. Excited to get to playing out with this stuff