A big box just arrived from Canada


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Hey everybody,

So after much waiting (actually not that much but it seemed like forever), UPS dropped off a big box from Sabian this morning. I haven't really gotten a chance to play these yet, but hopefully I'll get a chance to have some fun in the next couple of days. Then I'll decide whether or not any of these will stay in my lineup.

Is anyone else using any of these yet? How do you like them?


AA 24" Bash Ride
AAX 18" Freq Crash
AAX 10" Air Splash
AAX 16" Xpolsion Hi-hats

Now I'm something of a cymbal junkie but hopefully these will hold me over for a while. I think my collection is getting too big for the closet I've been allotted by my wife.

Here is the rest of my current collection I pick from for gigs:


Terrence R

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I'm jealous! Those new namm winners seem to be very impressive. I'm especially interested in picking up the xplosion hats and Air splash. Keep us posted on your experience with playing them please.


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I'm impressed with the air splash. I was very tempted to get one but a set of AAxcellerator hats were what came home with me. I tried the xplosion hats and I wasn't very impressed they were very clangy and chunky. compared to the aaxcellerators I got they seemed like sub quality cymbals... maybe It was just that set of hats but they didn't sound up to sabian standards. I'll be getting an Air splash next week to compliment my HHx splash on my left side of my kit.