A better recording of the Ludwigs!


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What was news to me was using 1.6 hoops
Oh yeah. Newer hoops, in general, are thicker. But there are exceptions. The Yamaha Stage Customs, for example, are 1.5mm.


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Only thing I don’t like about big Drums is how tiny they make you look behind the kit. It’s like honey I shrunk the kids playing drums.

Drums sound great tho, I’m going to find a players grade vintage Ludwig or Gretsch kit soon


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OK..i was at work this afternoon and listened to Bos Ian kit at lunch..no headphones and liked the sound of the kit. Bo said use headphones so I'm laying in bed getting ready for work tomorrow..another frikkin Saturday and put the phones on. The kit is killing. The way your arms move is so Ian esque. Nice solo Bo. I can tell you ain't no slouch. Your cymbal sound is SO nice. Your an inspiring individual. If you lived down the block we would definitely be hanging at Old Chicago doing the world tour talking drums and drumming but hey..we can do that here!..im digging it.


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Very good demo. I just now got to hear it on decent speakers.

I knew I would like the Luddies, and you're always a solid player. Plus, now I can say I've heard another brass snare that I like, lol.


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OK - I broke out a mixing board and some mics and did a better recording of the silver sparkle Ludwigs. So I recommend wearing headphones unless you have a nice speaker set-up to listen to. The drums sound MUCH better now with minimal EQ. This is a 2:41 video of some groove noodling but I think you'll get the idea and agree the drums sound much better mic'd up ;)

Sennheiser 604 for the toms and Audiotechnica at4041 for the hihat?

Bo Eder

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Here’s a couple of more clips to demonstrate some sensitivity - it’s nice how you still get this full, warm, and phat feeling while playing dynamically. Maybe this helps people be less afraid when they see a huge bass drum come through the door. Cooler still is the fact that I don’t have to play so hard to achieve the objective 😉