90's Ludwig hardware questions/Single Braced Hardware


Hey everybody.

So recently, I got a new Vistalite kit in Bonham sizes, and it's fantastic. Love everything about it.

I am looking now to possibly buy some new hardware. The kit came with a new Ludwig Atlas Pro snare stand, which has replaced my Pearl S-2000 as my main snare stand (I need a lot of weight in a snare stand. I've used medium weight snare stands and they move all over the place on me).

Currently, I use 3 Gibraltar flat based cymbal stands, a Gibraltar flat based snare stand for my rack tom, and a Ludwig 600 series single braced hi hat stand.

My two biggest problems are that the snare stand doesn't go up high enough for my liking, and sometimes it can be hard to get my flat based stands around cords at venues. I still want to keep weight down on everything else, so I'm looking into some single braced medium weight stands.

I love my hi hat stand quality, and I've seen some old stock Ludwig 600 series snare stands around the net. Does anyone know how high those go up? The Gibraltar goes up to 24". I looked into DW 7000 series, but that stand also only goes up to 24". The OCD part of me would like to have the stands be from the same line if possible, which leaves me trying to find 3 600 series straight stands. Any other recommendations? I'm not crazy about the Yamaha single braced stuff I've seen, even though a lot of people swear by them.

Thanks for anyone who can offer a hand!


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Those concert snare stands that come with student snares (Acrolite) might do the trick for your tom. They're single braced, at least the ones I've seen and go pretty high.