90s drumkits, who still has one?


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Why isn't it a great kit? It should sound pretty good if the shells are North American Maple and Mahogany. Maybe it's the bearing edges, warped hoops, or the shell is out of round?
Most likely because of my tuning skills... LOL. I have a hard time getting the 12" in tune and normally don' use it but I was trying again and that's why it's there. I have new heads ordered so we'll try it again.


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PorkPie Guy: I like those lugs on the Tama and I like everything about that Pork Pie kit.
My Tama kit sounds absolutely horrid. I think the edges are jacked, and the whole thing just sounds deflated. However, a friend of mine recorded with them one time, and they sounded great! The mics and the room loved that kit for whatever reason. Go figure.

Ah yes, my 1990s-era Pork Pie kit. I just set it back up the other day to practice some Christmas music for church, and oh how I forgot how much those things rumbled. Our church bought another kit, so I took mine back home. Mine sound SOOOO much better than the kit at church now that the new-kit honeymoon is over for me. My PP kit sounds like absolute thunder when miked up.


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90’s 9 piece Premier Signia. Power Toms, deep 14x7” snare drum, heeeaaaavy hardware.
A friend of mine has a set of Signias. It's a pretty big kit, but the prize he says is the matching snare drum. He basically bought a kit with a set of A custom cymbals and drum mics. He turned around and sold all of the cymbals and mics and basically got the kit for free. He also said they are super-heavy, but it's a great set.


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This is THE 90's kit

I love my 1991 12x7 Jarrah Block snare.

I use to have a 90's Rock Tour Custom kit too. Killer sound, thanks to the deeper tom sizes and Mahogany.



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still have my 1994 Pearl Master Custom Maples...still use them!! They have been all over the midwest and east coast


they till sound great - usually have Remo Emporer clears on them - but wish I had bought the more "square" tom sizes. At the time, the ones I have were popular, but in hindsight, I like the classic designs better.


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Wow, I don’t know if the garage door will stand the Artstar sound pressure :D !
impressive - and definitely 90’s style kit. DaveLombardo inspired?

Jim Northcroft

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I guess kinda Dave Lombardo inspired in a way.
But inspiration came more from a combination of Simon Phillip's Artstar II & Neil Peart's Superstar.