90s drumkits, who still has one?


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I found some pictures of my old Pearl SLX attached below from around 1991 and it got me thinking how fantastic those kits were. Direct shell tom mounts, unnecessary/impractical but brilliant 950 counter-weighted boom stands, long lugs, deep toms, free floating snare. I had a great set of Sabian AAs to go with it which included my favourite hihats ever, 13in Fusion Hats, with a AA top and leopard bottom. I wish I never sold it and from a nostalgic perspective I love the look and design of those kits.

Does anybody still have a 90s era kit, would love to see some pics!


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PorkPie Guy: I like those lugs on the Tama and I like everything about that Pork Pie kit. I'm digging Pootle's Pearls, too. I've seen a few even older Pearl MIJ on eBay and Reverb recently with the script logo badges that look very righteous rad cool. Slieshman I'm not at all familiar with - is that a boutique brand?

Here is a like-new old 90's Premier XPK Made in England kit I just got this week (the snare is an even older Premier HiFi):XPK1.jpgXPK2.jpgXPK3.jpgXPK4.jpgXPK5.jpgXPK6.jpg :


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The first thing I notice about 90's drum kits, are the weights on the boom stands! If I can find one in all steel, I would be happy. They don't build them like they use to. This is our so-called life lol


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Here is my BLX Prestige Studio kit (10,12,14,16,22) after I did a Master's Lug and Die-cast Rim swap. Always a fantastic kit and they sound and look even better now! They were made from '87 - '95. I got them used in '93 so it could technically be an 80's kit but I bought it and played it in the 90's so it's a 90's kit to me! I still have it and love it!



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I loved the counter-weighted boom stands, looked so cool. My dream kit in the 90s was the Pearl Custom Z, I spent many an hour drooling over the catalogues back in the day!


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Maybe it was just right back then.. and almost ALL of these models above offered more shallow depths from what I remember..

Look at PEARL..... they had everything perfect IMO with the first Gen Masters.. all sizes, incredible finishes, birch or maple.. Look at Pearl today.. WTF ??

Sonor was at their peak IMO. Maybe Yamaha was also.. and Tama.
I picked this Yamaha Power V Special kit up for $100 off of Craigslist about a year ago. I didn't have any need for it or really any room, but I set it up for a bit just to play around and oh my. So much volume and sustain and a surprisingly sweet tone, even with the beat to hell heads. The seller pinged me about a month later to say he'd found an extra (mounted) floor tom and would I like it? Hell yeah I would. The 15" may be my favorite drum ever. Someday I'll have the room, money and time to set it up properly, with new heads and decent hardware. (He said, hopeful as always.)

There was 15” tom available in the power V line ?
I guess so, unless this thing was special ordered, which doesn't seem likely; I hadn't known anything about the Power V Special line until I owned this kit, and other than the fact that it was made in England (after Yamaha bought Premier, I assume), still haven't found much out. So if anyone has any additional info, I'd love to hear it.

Also, that photo looks fine on my computer, but I wasn't signed in on my phone and it looks awful. I mean, in addition to me being a terrible photographer, it looks blurry as hell.


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1990 Premier XPK here. Used to play live on it 2014 and 2015. Since then it’s my at home practice kit. A really solid sounding drum set.


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I have part of my 1993 Tama Rockstar DX kit in my basement. 8x8, 10x10, 12x11, 14x13 and 22x16 bass. It's stuck in a state of hibernation undergoing a rewrap, new bearing edges and an eventual conversion to electric. I just have 3 other kits set up right now that I really don't need to get them up and running.


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Pearl MLX from 1995. I loved this kit with a passion but sold it as I hated the thought of it getting damaged whilst gigging. Was a heavy old thing though.
I "May" be getting a 90's Pearl World Series this evening to use as a gig share kit. :D

For Sale. Thule Touring M200 Gloss Black Roofbox. Only used a couple of times so in excellent condition. Complete with all keys, fixings & instructions. Bought from Halfords a couple of years ago for £369. Absolute bargain at £250 :) (Car not included 🙄)

1992 Pearl MLX Masters series by Kevin Frost, on Flickr