80's and 90's Lars Ulrich Kit


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Let me get you some real facts on what Lars Used as encymet and JamieBstuck is so full of errors because they did not do any research.

Let's begin.

1982: Camco kit
1983: Black double bass kit as seen in Cliff'em'all. Brand is unknown to this date.
1984: The kit get's stolen. Music for nation buys a used Ludwig that Bazz Ward restores and get's a credit on the Lighting thank you list. He then get's a Tama Imperialstar when signs with Qprime as he wants a Tama sponsor ship. He has said he played Tama before so it could be the stolen 1983 kit was a Tama something. However its unofficial to this day what brand it is.
1985: Tama Superstar. 2 Kits. One for Europe Cherry Wine and One for US in Chrome. The Europe kit was used during the recording of Master of Puppets with a Black Beauty snare.
1986: Same as 1985. The chrome Superstar get's used in rehearsels.
1987: Tama Granstar Ad
1988: Tama Granstar Custom, colour is custom too.
1990: Tama Granstar Custom white.
1991: Tama Artstar II with Granstar lugs

That's it. Everything else is mostly correct on the Metallica gear lists.

All the info exept the Ludwig is out in print in old drum inteviews and pictures.


None of those sites even listed his gun metal grey/green kit that he used around the Puppets era, so Id be questioning the validity of their sites also...

and Tama was selling a limited version, which you could get with black chrome hardware and stands. And really, what caught my eye was the word MOUNTED all in caps., like this was punctuating some gospel truth. So anyhow, I apologize to all for any inconvenience I might have caused.
Strangely I still remember the Tama magazine ad for it! If memory serves me correctly this was around 1991/1992? I remember the ad was a full page one, with Lars talking about making the two versions, and the chrome one because the black 'would cost a fortune'.

I capped MOUNTED because it (to me) was a ridiculously large tom size to use as a rack tom!


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Get the Starclassic Maple with Black Hardware. Closest to the real thing and not some imitation crapp. That way you get it over with.


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Afew years ago i saw someone selling one of Lars old kits on ebay, it was the white one with the black hardware, all drums were signed by Lars and there was photos of him signing the drums. it went for a mint though from what i remember!

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Buy an imperialstar kit on the cheap. Invest in some solid white wraps and glue them on yourself. Take the shell hardware and hoops and get them powdercoated black. Or if you want to save all that hassle then look on ebay for some black lugs, hoops and stuff that would fit on a new imperialstar.

My guess is you could recreate the look of a lars ulrich signature kit, but for cheaper. Getting a piano white SC maple isn't closer, they look very different. The maple is 10 times a better kit.
The LU kit looks cooler than it sounds, and it don't look that cool anymore!! rofl

If you really want to see a great collection of those iconic kits.. look here at the tama forum.

The real mccoy! http://forum.tama.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=1345
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Tama came out with the limited edition Lars Ulrich signature kit in 92.

I worked at GC at the time, and we had one of the few kits. It was a nice looking kit. Big drums. After a few months, management moved the kits to the Hollywood store.

Anyone can take their hardware and get it powder coated. Look in the phone book, and I'm sure you'll find a listing for someone who does powder coating for motorcycles and/or industrial machinery. It's same process for drum hardware.


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I would just look on ebay. Why not just get the real thing? I see those old 80's Tama double bass kits on there all the time. You could probably get the original version, or something close to what he used for less, or at least the same as a starclassic. After all, people aren't exactly rushing out to get massive double bass kits with 24" bass drums, and real deep power toms over those bass drums. Even if it's not the right color, you can easily re-wrap them, and the solid color wraps, like the white, are real cheap. You may have to settle for an artstar or superstar, but it would also get you closer to the sound of his original kits than anything newer. And with the hardware, chances are it will be at least somewhat pitted up, so you would have less reservations about painting it black. As a matter of fact, there's a huge 80's superstar kit on there right now, with a starting bid of 950 and no reserve and free shipping. It only has 22" bass drums, but that's probably better with those super deep rack toms.


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That's a nice looking set up you got there. I have 2 sets of Rockstars. 1 from the 80's and another from 2002.