8" Pearl Sessions Snare Drum


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I have cross posted this to Pearl's Forums as well in hopes of picking up more opinions.

A couple of weekends ago I picked up a Sessions Studio Classic kit from a local GC in Sequoia Red finish. The kit was 13-14-16-24, and was all but brand new. Apparently a customer bought 3 kits, passed his return window, and ended up selling two of them back to GC for a huge loss. The beauty was that the kit was all but brand new. The stock heads had been switched out, and barely a stick mark on them. I almost didn't have to tune them before taking them to practice! I was quickly able to locate 10" and 12" toms on eBay, and am waiting on those to arrive before posting pictures.

So the reason for the post is that like a lot of us, I am picky about snare drums. Since I am a part time musician (I have a real job that pays the bills, and at age 50 doing this because I really enjoy it), I don't have or need a room full of snares. On my Masters MMX kit I ended up custom ordering a 6.5" snare to match the kit, and I get lots of compliments the kit as a whole the few times a year I am able to take it out. I want to find a Sequoia Red snare, preferably deeper than 5.5", for this kit. Obviously the Studio Sessions Classic line has been discontinued for the Sessions Studio Select line, so I am aware that I will have a challenge finding an SSC snare new. With that, I am staring to look at the SSS snares since they are current. There is an Antique Crimson finish that appears to be really close to the Sequoia Red in terms of color. Maybe I am crazy, but on my MMX kit no matter what snare I use with the kit, the custom made MMX snare just seems to match better sonically with the rest of the kit. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced something like that, or is it all in my head? If you think it's all in my head, I'm ok with you telling me that. And being a child of the hair band metal 80's, I love a good deep sound. Does anyone have experience playing an 8" deep snare vs a 6.5", and given proper tuning would there be much of a difference?


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An 8" deep snare is going to give you a slightly longer note than a shallower drum, all other things being equal, but the tuning range is pretty similar. I like the sound of a 8" deep snare tuned up fairly high, because it has more body and "oomf" compared to a 6.5 or 5" drum tuned to the same pitch.


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Keep an eye on Reverb and ebay for a SSC matching snare. Also reach out to some Pearl dealers and they may find you a new one sitting in a warehouse.
Having said that, I'm a big fan of 8" snares and the SSS is a great value. If the red doesn't match close enough for you, the natural finish would look good in my opinion.


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I have been watching those sits daily. I have come really close to buying at 14" floor tom in the same finish and have it cut in to two shells to make two snares. In the interim, I did find the 5.5" version of what I was looking for brand new, but the sound is a little too shallow for my taste. In the interim I discovered the wonderful world of building drums, ordered a Keller birch shell, and made a 7" birch snare that I absolutely love. My son's drummer saw it, and wants me to build him one. So now I am waiting on three 8" mahogany Keller shells.