8 inch deep Bass Drums

Justin Time

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(apologies if this should be in the gear section? I'm new and not sure if here or there is better)

A few years back a large music retailer went into receivership (Aussies will know I mean Billy Hydes) and at my local store, like all of the stores that closed, there were some real bargains to be had.

Amongst many other things I bought for next to nothing, I picked up this Ludwig Epic double bass drum kit, in a nice tobacco fade type finish, two up, two down toms, a snare and these two 20" x 8" bass drums. The bass drums came with a rod system that connected them together, head to head, almost like a sub woofer style or they could be used separately as a more traditional side by side double bass set up.

In reality I have found the joined up rod mount to be clunky to use and not really practical. And the 8" depth on it's own is really difficult to get a decent sound. I just couldn't get a sound from these shallow basses that suited anything I wanted to do with them. They don't really work live for me, and they don't really work in the studio.

So I decided that I would join them together permanently. IF I was to join them I would end up with a 20" x 14" drum, losing an inch off each in the joining process, to also make the plugs for the various redundant screw holes. Then I thought I already have a great Gretsch Catalina Birch bass drum in almost the same finish, the same size. So now I am thinking it would be pointless to create another drum almost identical to one I own.

So I guess what I am asking is what would any of YOU do with two 20 x 8 bass drums. Turn them into a single gong bass maybe? OR maybe you have ideas of how to make an 8" deep bass drum sound decent and in what applications?

I know its a pretty abstract question - just wondering what crazy ideas - if any might pop up.....