7a Sized Double-Butt sticks?


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Hey, hoping someone here can help...

I use the Promark shira kashi oak 7a sticks for a long time and have recently been spinning them round and using the butt for heavier songs. I bought a set of 5a double-butts but...they were way too fat in my hand compared to the 7a's.

So, my question is: Does anyone make a double-butt stick but with 7a dimensions? the Promarks are .512" diameter and 15 3/8" long. I like the weight of the Japanese oak and expect a double-butt of another (lighter) wood would make up the difference a bit.

Google isn't helping much so I throw this out to the DW experts!


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I also use double butt sticks. I like how they feel, and sound more than most tip shapes.

For the smaller diam., I'd try some different models of timbale sticks. They usually are shorter, but not sure how close to the 15 3/8 measurement.
Along with Pro-Mark, Regal Tip offer a few nice ones (not familiar with other brands offerings).

I went through a lot of different things before I got the size/diam just right with the DB sticks. I settled on 14 7/8, with between a .560 and .565 diam.

When I was cutting (from a 16" start), it was weird how an 1/8th of an inch made a pretty noticeable difference in where the stick laid in my hand, and how the weight felt.
Going custom made, just for ME, and how I play, I just went for whatever felt EXACTLY right, every time I put a stick in my hand.

Good luck!


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Ahh, I didn't even consider timbale sticks! Good shout :)

I've ordered another set of the Promark "Knockers" to see if it was just me being finnicky and Ive also tacked on a set of Meinl 1/2" timbales to give them a go


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The PM Rock Knockers are pretty nice.
They are a slightly smaller diam than Regals Power Rock (.570).
They have a good feel in the length, diam., and density PM sticks usually have... AND they come in OAK!

I cut some of those down too, and they worked well when I needed something a little lighter feeling, but with the same type of sound.

It's funny, I found a set of 16" Regal PR sticks, and they had a whippy, and bouncy thin-ish sound compared to the cut down sticks.
Hard to describe "whippy", but the sound wasn't as solid in the longer length to me.
Solid not meaning "loud" though.

I cut the sticks down because when the regular tipped sticks were turned around, they didn't extend as far. I took the measurement of where a stick felt comfortable to grip, or have it in the center of my palm, and went from there.

The length of the actual stick is shorter, but where it sits in my hand is actually a bit longer than if I used a regular stick turned around.
Also, a smaller diam stick, set in the center of my palm is like a conductors baton, or I joked that it was like whipping a magic wand around. It's like the stick part of my hand. It moves and does whatever I want, and for bounces it just sits normally. I can use a bigger diam. stick (for nice grip size with my fingers), but since it's shorter, it feels lighter.

Not saying you'd want to cut longer sticks down, but here's what I did:

I set the (marked off) end I wanted cut in a vice, made sure the stick was straight with a level, cut, then I sanded the ends down and recreated (as best I could) finished ends with a small belt sander that I put into the vice (sprayed the ends with clear to seal).

Seems like a lot to go through, but it was a fun project and I got what I wanted.
After I found the length I wanted, I just ordered my sticks from the company I endorsed at the time (CDX).

I mentioned the difference an 1/8th of an inch made (in the other post) because, what I originally thought was 15" was actually 14 7/8!! I didn't account for the inside of the dang plastic level when I placed my order of 2 dozen 15" sticks!
I just put the stick inside the spot on the level, made the mark and didn't think about the 1/8 inch I missed on the actual ruler part :-/
The sticks came, were great, but I though something felt wrong. Sure enough, I had to knock off another 1/4" of stick haha! What a pain that was!
Measure 3 times cut once!!

Good luck with your sticks!