70s/ 80s electronic drum sounds


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I’d love to have a Def Leppard drum pack or a Frankie Banali pack, not to mention a Prog Rock pack too. Fun stuff!
One of my past projects covered a lot of Def Leppard. I chopped up some isolated drum tracks from Youtube to make my own samples. I was already triggering a bunch of other stuff - Queen, Billy Squire, Motley Crue. Probably wouldn't have done it otherwise.

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There are a couple of Simmons electronic kits on CP Samples 'Great British Studios' for Roland TD-17. Simmons famous hexagonal electronic drums were used by Spandau Ballet, Gary Numan, and even Neil Peart (as part of his kit) in the 80's. There is also a very early English drum machine called 'The Kit' by MPC which was unique as it had to be played by fingers.


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I'm interested in electronic drums, and very new to this area of music instrument.
I like particularly the noises in Ultravox - Vienna

The thunder noise at 0.10
That sounds like a Simmons (SDS5 or 7) without noise or pitch, just kind of a papery sound is all that's left (they probably altered it for the recording, it sounds a little slow.) We used to trigger that and add to my kick to accentuate the attack in a way that a physical head couldn't. :)



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I am surprised that there are so few commercial web sites out there, that offer to sell downloadable sound files for drum modules.
You can probably still find CD libraries with .wav and other format files, specifically for loading as samples. Manufacturers include Soundscan, East West, Music Maker Sound Pool, and Voice Crystal has "Legacy - The Definitive Analog Sampler Vol 1" which is a great place to start if you can find it (I don't see it listed anywhere right now...)

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Yes, in the 80's drums synths and electronic drums were quite common. In the 70's it was more common to use standard synths - and some of the early drum synths like Moog Drum and Syncussion were just analog synths re-packaged to enable more percussive sounds.
You can very, very accurately replicate those Ultravox drum sounds using any software synthesiser that replicates analog synthesis. There are free soft synths. Thunder sounds are often white and pink noise filtered. With an oscillator or two, plus a noise module, you can create lots of different bass drums, snares, claps, hi-hats.