7/8 Inch Cymbal Arm Into 15/16 Inch Tom Mount. How To


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I installed a Gibraltar rail mount to hold the high tom on my Saturn Manhattan Jazz kit and I wanted to use the factory bass drum mounted 15/16 inch tom mount for a cymbal arm holder.

~No one makes a cymbal arm with a 15/16 inch down tube.~


I bought a Gibraltar cymbal arm with a 7/8 inch down tube.
I used a tube cutter to cut off 7 inches of 15/16 inch tube from the Mapex tom holder.
(first pic shows Mapex tom holder with 7 inches of pipe removed)

I slid the 15/16 inch tube over the 7/8 inch cymbal arm down tube.
I drilled a small hole and I inserted a small self tapping screw to secure the two down tubes together. (second pic shows assembled cymbal holder with added 15/16 inch tube)

I got just what I wanted!



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Thanks DMC.
It is a simple inexpensive solution and it doesn't look jury rigged.
I'm going to do a similar thing to my Sonor Safari kit in the near future.
I was so pleased with the results that I just sat there and stared at my kit when I was finished. I couldn't believe how it exceeded my expectations.

I do wonder why no hardware manufacturer makes a cymbal arm with a 15/16 down tube for this purpose.