69/70 Ludwig Tom Question B&O Badge


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I just bought this ludwig 12" tom to add to my 68 wmp kit.
The price was reasonable so I grabbed it.
I place it at 69 or 70. It was advertised as 70's. Badge # 784770.
What can you experts tell me about it.
The mount puzzles me. I can't find it in back catalogues.
Is it a Ludwig Mount? It the mount older than the drum? That is my thought. I ordered a new Atlas lug mount for the drum.
I do not have the drum in my possession yet.


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Looks like a mount that would fit a Walberg and Auge hotdog (consollette). The Walberg and Auge plates I'm familiar with, are diamond shaped, so this might be a different manufacture. I'm not aware of Ludwig using that plate (especially in 69/70), so my guess is it came from somewhere other than Ludwig. Even old Club Dates that have a spade mount, all the ones I've seen, the plate is diamond shaped.​



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Yes harry, the diamond shaped plate with the riveted slot is the mount that I most often see on drums from this era.
I found Ludwig mounts in the late 60's/early 70's catalogues that resembled the mount that you show in your post. Mostly on the concert toms.


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Bob..check to see if you have a bottom bearing edge,and re ring.

That mount looks like a concert tom mount.All Ludwig super classic double headed drums of that era the standard 1216 mounting bracket to be used with an L-arm.

Your drum is 69-70 vintage so it it was mounted on a bass drum or floor stand,it should have the 1216 bracket.no doubt.

Ludwig abandoned the spade type(W&A) mount in the early 60's,63-64 was the transition I think.

Another odd thing is that dosen't look like any Ludwig mount I've ever seen.Ludwig didn't even re-introduce the clip/spade type mount used on consert toms till 72-73 or so,which post dates your drum.

This is looking more like a custom job to me.Maybe the tom was ordered virgin,and the mount was added later to be used with non Ludwig hardware/drums?

Anything is possible with Ludwig,but this is peculiar.

Steve B


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Thanks Steve, I can see the proper round dial for the muffler adjuster screw so I don't think that it was ever a concert tom.
I think that it was ordered either without a mount as you suggested, or that the mongrel mount is covering the factory ludwig mount holes.