6.5 or 8x14 Ludwig raw brass?

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I've got a 6.5x14 Yamaha RC aluminum so was considering getting the 8x14 Luddy raw brass (I don't have an 8" at all), but is the 6.5" raw brass a better, more useful buy than the 8x14? ie, for sound, tone and resale prospects?

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The thing about the Ludwig Raw brass snares is that they lack low end compared to the Super Brass or Supraphonic. They're incredibly sensitive and sound great, but it's like the low register is almost completely missing.

I'm sure some people love the Raw Brass sound though, it all comes down to your preference.

If I had to choose, it'd be the 8" because the extra depth does fill in some of the low end that was missing. This 14x8 sounds more like a 14x6, to me at least.

To contrast, this Ludwig Super Brass 14x6.5 has all the great qualities of the Raw Brass, but with that sweet low end added. This is just my opinion, maybe others would disagree?
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