50's Premier alternative?


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I have this old 50's Premier pedal, I think it's called a Speedmaster. I had one when I was younger and in my quest to find something that felt 'right' I found one on eBay that came recently. Now, it's in good shape but - it's nearly 60 years old and I cant see it standing up to the hardships of regular use for too long. SO, I wanna find a modern equivalent.

Here's what it looks like:

Now, there's 2 important things I love about this pedal:

1) Direct Drive

2) The way the footboard hinges a little way in.

The footboard has the last 1 1/2"-2" hanging past the hinge... I play heel down and use this leverage to bring the board back up (I have the spring as loose as it goes). I can play real quick doubles and triples with this that I cant do on a regular pedal due to my weird technique.


Is there any modern pedals that are a bit more hardy/strong that have these features?

Thanks in advance



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Yeah, I noticed that too. The Speedking isn't really much more of a modern replacement though hahaha
True, but the Speed King can be had new and is readily available. I don't think that there is a modern equivalent, a majority of modern pedals use chain drive and use the (now standard) hinge/heel plate design.