$500 off a Renown set and a Starclassic set at GC...


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Some good deals there.

They're having a big sale on a whole lot of drum/percussion stuff right now.
Some of it is listed as 'on sale', and some of it, you have to put in the cart to see the discount:

Edit: they've also got some kind of giveaway running until Sept. 29, 2021:
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That's a smoking deal for a set of Renowns. The website says $1596 CDN. I paid $2499 CDN for mine last year.


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If only Gretsch would shorten up the depth of the Renown kick drums. 22x16 would be so nice.
According to Gretsch's website, they do have 22x14 and 24x14 Renown kicks, but they are missing that 22x16.