50 Greatest Drummers in the The Hall of Fame

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An interesting list to say the least. More drummers from "popular" music than I'm used to seeing. I actually watched a 15 minute video yesterday of the top 100 drummers. No rankings, just separated into genres. Very different than this list, with obvious similarities. So many great musicians out there. Many unknowns. . .


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Quite an impressive list. Loved Steve Smith's solo. At around 1:50 he even does the one handed roll, and uses a double pedal quite a bit. Just goes to show that it's okay to learn EVERYTHING, there is no limit as to what you can use where. Love that guy immensely.

Tough list to make. Leaving out players like Kenny Aronoff, Clem Burke, and Artimus Pyle must have been a hard thing to do. Too many great drummers amongst all the inductees.


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Would like to point out that while according to the arbitrary rules of this hall of fame I am not eligible to be voted in, I am eligible to vote. Please count my vote. Thanks.
Interesting list. But I still don't get the idea of putting up lists who might be/have been the greatest drummer. It's ok to do so with sports, where you can compare career stats i.e. Kareem Abdul Jabbar made the most field goals ever, Brasil won the most world championships, whatsoever.

But how the hack should one measure the quality of a musician? Sure John Bonham was a great rock drummer, but the best? Best in what? Drum hits per minute? Count of innovative drum beats? Writing credits? Best earning? And would Bonham still be that great without his early passing?

Don't get me wrong, I love Led Zep and Bonhams drumming, and I really think he still is one of the most inspiring rock drummers for many rock drummers. No blasphemy at all ;)
I could ask the same question about anyone on that list, and it contains many overrated drummers as well, at least to my linkings.


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I didn't see my name with any credit-as the famous/infamous "Unknown Drummer".Which I was so good at it that I have remained "Unknown". Who can "beat that". Crap I never make the lists.