5 year sabbatical, now back ! Need advice


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hello Everyone, just joined from Canada. I sold off my DW collector kit 5 years ago during a time when a family member needed some help. Although I have played a little in between , I recently decided it was time to repurchase. I just picked up a 4 pc. Kit of Sonor ProLite in ebony white stripe and they are being shipped as we speak. I still need to choose a snare as the kit did not come with one, I’m starting again from scratch. having not done any research on this, my goodness, prices have skyrocketed on new snares !

I took some time to listen on line to various types and seem to like the sound of the brass types, but there are so many nice ones to choose from, that’s it making it very difficult . I do not wish to spend 1000$ on a snare, can anyone suggest a good workhorse for around 3-500$

thanks all.

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I’d say it would be hard to beat a Gretsch brass drum for that price range. But the used market is pretty saturated these days with good deals. Have you checked ebay/Reverb/craigslist?


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Yes, I have been looking quite a bit on reverb. i cannot get to a drum store presently due to all the pandemic issues, so I really can’t hear anything live to make an informed choice. from the limited you tube review sound clips I could hear, I did like the Yamaha recording custom in brass and also the DW black nickel which I thought were sensibly priced.


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First of all, welcome back to playing, and welcome to the site.

In the $500 (USD) and under price range there are a lot of good choices available in a brass snare drum. The DW black nickel and Yamaha Recording Custom are both good choices. Others that fall into that range are the Gretsch USA Custom Model 4160 COB, Tama Stewart Copeland Signature, and Gretsch USA Black Nickle over Brass. My personal favorite out of that group is the Gretsch USA Custom Model 4160 COB.

The Sonors are sweet, you are going to like them. Again, welcome back!

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Hard to go wrong with a 4160, but it depends on what kind of general timbre and overtone structure you like, type of hoops etc....

I sort of like most things Grestch. I have both of these and they've seen a lot of use. Verstile, not expensive and I'd still use them a lot if I hadn't gotten the last Colaiuta sig which is a wood drum, but in many ways is the most versatile happy sounding medium I've ever played.

Ludwig's version if that's more to your liking.