4 wise cymbals


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You can pick 1 set of hats and 2 cymbals ... whats your choice..This is a rip off of the 3 wise snare thread obviously..
I would probably do the 602's new S.E. hats , vintage 22" medium ride and new 18" thin crash


13" Paragon hats
16" AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash
16" AAX Stage Crash

Sorry. I am shameless also. All Sabian. :)


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I'd have to go with my current setup - (all Zildjian) 13" A Mastersound hats, 20" K Ride, and 20" K Custom Dry Ride.


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These are my favourites...
Meinl Byzance Vintage 22" Sand Ride
Meinl Byzance Vintage 14" Sand Hi-Hat
Meinl Byzance 18" Brilliant Crash
Meinl Generation X 12"/14" Trash Hats
Zildjian K-Custom 18" Crash
Zildjian K Light 20" Ride
Zildjian K Light 15" Hi-Hat
Paiste 2002 22" Crash

The first three would do it! :)


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Sabian HHs:
20" Classic Ride
16"/18" Dark Crash (Both awesome, can't decide!)
14" Dark Hats


Hi Guys. This is my first post on the forum, and I thought I'd join in on the discussion!

I would have to go with my current set-up(s):

#1. All Meinl Byzance:

14" Jazz Hats
18" Jazz Medium-Thin Crash
20" Extra Dry Medium

#2. Still all Meinl:

14" MB20 Hats
19" Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash
20" Byzance Vintage Sand Ride


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Of the cymbals I own--"my never part with" 3--

15" Sabian AA sizzle hats (10 yrs).

22" Sabain HH Jazz ride (6 yrs).

20" Sabian AA medium thin crash (10 yrs). Works great as a ride as well.

Honorable mention:
24" APX ride. It just works for me in anything I want to use it with.

24" HH Jazz ride--don't own one yet.

Would love some 15" HHXcellereator hats. One day.

My 22" Paiste 602 is in the vault. No one plays it but me.
Don't point at it, don't even look at it.


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Bosphorus 14" New Orleans hats, Agop 18" Epoch crash, 22" Agop Traditional Dark Ride. Changes every day. Yesterday it would have been all Agop Sigs or Turks, tommorow it might be all Bosphorus Masters.


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I've only had Paiste cymbals so mine would be....

Paiste Twenty

18" Thin Crash
13" Hi-Hats
20" Ride

Or I'd go with the 602's as well.

18" Thin Crash
14" Hats
20" Medium Ride


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Paiste 14" Sig Dark Crisp hats
Paiste 19" Sig Dark Energy crash
Paiste 21" Sig Dark Energy Light Dark ride

I only own the crash out of these...the others are too expensive!


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14" New Beats
19" K Dark Medium Thin
21" K Heavy Ride

Unless I was feeling Sabian...
14" AAX Stage Hats
19" HHXplosion
21" AAX Stage Ride


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...if you are talking about cymbals that you already own,

my fave four would include my Sabian 14" HH dark hats, 16" HH thin crash, 20" HH Manhattan ride.

A close second would be my 14" el sabor hats, 18" el sabor crash, and 20" el sabor ride.

The HH set up is warm and dark, while the el sabors are bright and loud.