4-Time Grammy Winning Antonio Sanchez Reviews Movie Drum Scenes - "Whiplash," "Wayne's World," etc.

Really enjoyed Antonio Sanchez -- who composed the all-drums score for "Birdman" (2014, Michael Keaton, Edward Norton) -- talking about the drumming in seven movies and TV shows.

While "Whiplash" was a hit and gave a well-deserved Oscar to J.K. Simmons and was nominated for best picture, Sanchez is not a fan of the drumming of Miles Teller, saying of one scene "Whatever it is that he’s doing, it’s not music … I don’t hear any real tempo. I don’t hear a clear pattern … No pulse, no finesse, no nuance. Just like crash like a broken washing machine. "

He loves "Sound of Metal": … "It impressed me how well he played not being a professional drummer."

"That Thing You Do" and "Wayne's World" also got high marks.