3Ply Re-wrap Green Sparkle project


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Have a few vintage projects on the go, this one’s almost ready.
Ludwig early 70’s 3 ply , clear maple interiors, B&O badges and note all the lugs are classic small lugs.

Bass drum is a virgin 20x12 - and by virgin I mean no tom mount and no spurs.
I think it was either a marcher or a ‘concert’ bass drum. Using a pair of Atlas mounts and Dunnett ‘gull wing’ spurs for now.

Floor tom (not pictured) is a 15x12 marching snare with three legs and mounts added.

12x8 tom was formerly badly rewrapped in blue sparkle; needed a hammer to get the heads off. Shell is round too- it was just too thick especially at the seam.
All good now.

Here’s a preview , I’ll be gigging them on Saturday night. Often see this wrap on Bonham sizes ; I always wanted a smaller kit in green sparkle. Add a red snare and it’s Christmas!