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Hey Crew,

As you've read from my previous posts, I (FINALLY) found a couple formulas to repair cracked and damaged cymbals after spending WAY too much money and time to make it ever worth my while, or even make a profit. (not that I give a damn- just had to do it, so I'm still happy)

Well, after repairing 32 cymbals over the last few months for paying customers, (and that does not include the 45+ repairs I did on "trash" and "throwaway" cymbals to learn what to do) my first failure came back tonight.
An edge crack that not only "got away" from the "drill and fill", but the crack extended upwards even further towards the bell of the cymbal another 4-1/4". It was a Paiste 16", and it's now trash. Nothing more I can do on that pie.
I refunded the guy's money, (even though his kid beat the living sh1t out of it doing "death metal" ) and he was OK with it, but didn't really want his $$$ back, but I insisted.

I was bummed about it for a few minutes, and then thought, OK, that's ONE back out of 32, and that's not a bad record when I think about it. I'm gonna call all the other repaired cymbal owners over the next few days and see if there were any other repair failures- hope not, but I gotta know.

I'm still kinda surprised that after all these years, no one has wanted to tackle what I'm doing, but it seems I still have much to learn- I want a 100% success rate one of these days.

Just gotta vent,
C. P.


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Congrats! How much would you charge for a 18" Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash?

It has roughly a 1cm crack on the edge.



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Heck, I almost want to break a cymbal and send it to you just to see what I get back!

I used to have a collection of broken cymbals, but I think I tossed most of them years ago.


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Pete, no wonder the cymbal came back cracked, the kid played the snot out of it. It's likely no reflection on your workmanship. The work you've done towards solving this issue is admireable, really.
Long live Death Metal! (will keep you in business!)


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I'm still kinda surprised that after all these years, no one has wanted to tackle what I'm doing, but it seems I still have much to learn- I want a 100% success rate one of these days.
That's a noble goal, but a tad unrealistic. There will always be abusers who will crack or re-crack anything and everything given enough time.

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Hey Crew,

Jonathan, send me a clear pic of the cymbal, and I'll give you a quote--The lowest I charge is $35. You pay shipping fees, and I can get it back to you within 2 weeks.

Here's the deal- there may be a slight-to-medium discoloration of the pie on the top side, and I do 90% of the repairs from the bottom to keep the "ugly" factor to a minimum. (about 1/2 the time, it can be polished out, but I leave that to the owner)
There may (or may not) be a slight difference in the tone and resonance, and (rarely) even the sustain of the cymbal. Sounds like yours is not a tough one to work on.

Fiery- I agree, but life's too damn short to accept failures without seeking new means of avoiding them. I guess I have to admit that I'm pretty obsessed with success, but no one will ever hear an apology from me about that.

C. P.

(ps) my email is : concretepete@sbcglobal.net
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Pete, I applaud your work ethic and perseverance, but let's look at this #31 in another light.

Let's say you own a body shop. A car comes in with a massive crunched fender. Turns out the driver loves to text while going too fast. You fix the fender and send the driver on his way.

Two weeks later, same driver, same car, same fender is crunched up again. Would you give that driver his money back because the fender was not strong enough to withstand the way this guy is driving his car - i.e. not within safe operating parameters?

I have seen Z Customs get pounded into scrap by kids with more muscle than sense; you can't fix a determination to break cymbals. If anything, this kid should be a returning investment!

You have an awesome heart, but I wouldn't want to see you get taken advantage of...

Concrete Pete

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Hey AlParrot,

Yeah, I realize I'm a bit too too far out on the "softie" side, but it's served me well over the last 30+ years in my construction trade- I do 'extra' and 'I was already there with materials and stuff' pick-up work when I do a reconstruction, repair, or remodel job, and always list those extras on the final invoice as "N/C" (no charge) so my clients can appreciate the free stuff I did- it's one of my trademarks, along with the "Zero dollars down" work ethic that has been one of the things that always (sooner or later) pays off by "word of mouth". (I think I'm the only General in Butte County that does NOT charge a down payment before commencing a project)

I just found out that repair # 18 (Sabian 14" Rock hi-hat) cymbal re-cracked, but only by about 3/8", and the crack went in a different direction (but off the original repair) but it was because it was dropped on a hard (curb) surface. OK, I'll tackle it again, and NO warranty on this one. I'm charging my minimum $35.
I'm still learning as I go, and I hope I'll still be able to learn and develop new cymbal repair techniques until I take the "big dirt nap".

All in all- I heard back from 27 of the clients I repaired cymbals from, so hopefully no more failures/repairs. Cross fingers, OK?
Oh, and Al- thanks for the compliment- back at ya brother.

Cheers to all and happy 4th of July,
C. P.


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No worries, Pete. I think you've got a killer idea! Best of luck with this business, I bet it takes off in the next few years...