3/4 Polyrhythm's.

Learned some of these yesterday, still picking them up and playing around with them and I had been awake since 5am when this was filmed, the video itself was recorded at around 8pm. I've been learning poly-rhythm's to widen my creativity and helping independence between hands and feet.

Tell me what you guys think!

3/4 poly-rhythms folks. Pretty cool if you want people to think you're better than you really are.
1 & A 2 & 3 E & (back to one, I think it's this anyways. I'm shattered folks and I can't think).

1E+A 2E+A 3E+A (back to one, this is a sort-of blast beat styled thing)

Not very tight because I'm knackered. Sounds actually, slightly decent considering it's from my laptop. I'll do the 5/4 poly-rhythm later on this week hopefully.

This was also my first time playing my full 7 piece kit after playing a 4 piece for a while and I'm thinking about starting to do more video's and assembling a mini drum-vlog weekly/monthly.