24 K Light Ride - Rivets?


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Here's a question for you all out there that either play this cymbal or have an opinion.

I haven't been using my 24 K Light ride that much in the last couple of years. It is a wonderful cymbal and sounds great but it doesn't cut it for most of the music we've been playing lately. I've either put it up as a second ride so I can have both a lighter and washier ride as a contrast to my rides with more stick definition and that produce more volume OR when we play a set of lighter tunes and I want a big spread from my ride sound.

So the question is, how do you think this ride would do with about 8 or 10 rivets in it. It's a pretty expensive cymbal to risk riveting. This ride has a lot of edge wobble so I'm not sure how far in from the bow to install them and whether a lot of edge wobble will effect how well rivets work with this ride.

I'm pretty sure that the drilling of holes shouldn't effect it's sound too much if I take the rivets out but I don't know. Do you think it will weaken the cymbal too much?

I'm just looking for some opinions before I make up my mind one way or another and I try to turn this ride into a unique sizzle cymbal.


I think rivets in a cymbal with so much wash wont add to much but if you are tired of the cymbal as it is (without any thought of selling it) I think its good to experiment.

To point you raised with wobble can be a problem because I dont think you will get a real sizzle with rivets in a light ride and ive never seen it done with a big light cymbal ever.

The point being I dont know and hope that someone here has tryed it because its a interesting idea and I would like to know aswell ^^


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If it were me and I wasn't sure I would put in one rivet at a time to see how it sounds. Not 8 or 10 at a time. I put 21 in a cymbal that I really didn't like just to make an effects cymbal and it's fine. Just be careful.



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You can pick up a Promark Rattler, this is a chain with plastic center that fits on your cymbal stand and the chain dangles down the cymbal.It gives you the sound of rivets without drilling holes.

Thin or medium thin cymbals are traditionally used for rivets , the reason for which is these cymbals vibrate more easily which gets the rivets vibrating.


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Not a bad on idea.

I think I'll see what a rattler sounds like.

I'm worried most about whether drilling some holes in it will make it more prone to cracking.


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I'm worried most about whether drilling some holes in it will make it more prone to cracking.
1. I would check it out with "fake" rivets first. Try a length of chain (jewelry), or tape some dimes to it, or tie a few paper clips to a piece of thread coming from the bell....see if it sounds like you want it to first.

2. Personally, I don't like rivets because they make it awkward to slide cymbals in and out of a cymbal bag, and also to grab onto/carry. That's my personal issue. Plus, I can instantly turn the sizzle on and off by using one of the above methods.

3. Drilling a cymbal will reduce it's value greatly.

4. If you DO decide to drill, drill slowly and use oil so that you don't create too much friction, which creates heat, which can re-temper your cymbal or cause it to crack as you drill. Also, drill against a surface, like a block of wood.

5. I like my K Light Ride just fine the way it is. Rivets near the wobbly edge dance around too much to sizzle. I tie a beaded chain (like for a lamp) from the stand nut and let it hang down on the cymbal. This slightly mutes the cymbal, and shortens the sustain, but gives you the most sizzle. I don't particularly like this sound with my 24" K.


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If drilling is something you REALLY want to do then cool. But if you're really just trying to salvage something that is not working for you as you intended. I suggest you sell it and get some thing else you know you can use or put the $$ into heads,sticks, etc.


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Thanks for the feedback.

I bought a rattler chain and I'm OK with the sizzle sound this gives me.

I like the cymbal, it just hasn't been working for me lately with the music we play.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how a guy like Ilan Rubin with NIN can use this cymbal and get the sounds he gets out of it. He must have a mic on it.

I can get somewhat decent projection out of it if I play it no more than 10-12 inches from the bell and then have the outer area for trashy accents and a beautiful big crash but otherwise it gets lost in our band mix.