24" bass drum - 10" main snare, surely not?


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Granted, I listened to the video through some crappy laptop speakers, but when I closed my eyes, the snare sounded great.

The miniature size definitely looked out of place, but the sound was a lot better than I expected from a 10" snare


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Certain sounds annoy me. I can't do small diameter snares, they sound like toys to me. And this one has a bit of depth to it. I need a certain size snare drum before the frequencies that really grab me start to even happen. But not so with toms. I like small toms, go figure. Maybe because I look for a different thing from toms.

Andy, how about a 10" diameter x 10 or 12" deep snare? I'd like to hear that. I might like that more because it has more internal volume. Octabon snares lol. The small regular depth ones sound anemic to me. That whole kit sounded terribly mismatched, like stripes and plaids together, but then again, I'm fairly boring.

I also like the relationship between a 16" stick and a 14" snare drum. Most sticks are pretty close to 16" long. When you go to a smaller snare, even a 13, the whole rimshot thing changes. But I'd get a 13. Nothing less though, not my cup of tea. I just can't see someone sticking with that snare on that kit for a long time, but that's probably my issue.


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Most sticks are pretty close to 16" long. When you go to a smaller snare, even a 13, the whole rimshot thing changes.
I'm with you Larry, & with you on the whole small snare thing too (as a main snare), but it's surprisingly easy to get into consistent rimshot mode with this snare. I suppose it depends on how organically accurate you are with rimshots, but once you get your "eye in", it flows quite nicely.

This little gem is an effects snare to me, but to someone who wants that vibe frequently (let's say a hiphop player), it's a viable deal :)

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Mapex just released a Chris Adler signature snare this year. Looks to be his main snare, its a 12x5.5, seems to work well for what he does. Nothing I would have ever even thought of trying but it does seem to be a great option for a heavy, hard hitting back beat like you demonstrated.

Now that I think about it, I can't imagine why this kind of thing isn't more popular with more drummers. A 10" or 12" snare would be just as practical a choice as a heavy, dampened-to-hell 14" in this context.